Return Policy

Returns, Damages, Defective Items, Refunds and Cancellations (Full Terms and Conditions Apply)
            Returns (Please also see below section  "Furniture, Designs and Characteristics")

  1. We accept returns for transit damage, providing that the delivery was carried out by us and that we are informed within 48 hours of the delivery via the 'Impex Furniture returns form'. Any manufacture or product quality issues can be returned providing we are notified with 30 days via the 'Impex Furniture returns form' and that we accept the issue as being a valid quality issue. We will attempt to resolve the issue with a fair and reasonable financial offer.
  2. Because we are confident in the quality of our pieces and the representation of our products in the advertisements, the carriage costs relating to the return will be at customer’s expense unless extenuating circumstances are agreed by Impex Furniture. We only ever chargeback our 'cost' for returns, or alternatively, our customer can use their own designated carrier to return the item.
  3. All return items must resell able in 'as new' condition, therefore they must be in the original wrappings and unused and unassembled (if applicable). Please ensure that the person unwrapping the item is very careful to keep the packaging intact. This is also essential in preventing the item being damaged on its return. Responsibility for items damaged during return because of inadequate wrapping lies with the customer. We regret that under no circumstances can we accept returns that do not have their original packaging.
  4. In the event of order cancellation - If you have not received the goods at the time of cancellation of the contract, and we have not processed the goods for delivery, we will credit your account for the goods in question including the delivery and in any event within 7 days of the cancellation being accepted by us.


Nearly all damage occurs during transit. If you are using the Impex Furniture delivery service, all items are signed for as proof of delivery. Please ensure that prior to signing; you check that the packaging is intact. We are unable to accept claims for damages where the item has been signed for as ‘packaging intact’.

Damages will be replaced free of charge, providing that you inform us via Email within 48 hours of the item being delivered.

All damage claims must be supported by evidence in the form of digital photographs which you should email to us.

We are unable to accept the return of any damaged items if the item was not delivered by Impex Furniture.

Defective Items

In the highly unlikely event that an item is defective, you must inform us by Email within 7 days.

Claims for defective items must be supported by evidence in the form of digital photographs which you should email to us

Impex Furniture will inspect the item to verify that the item is defective and if it is, the customer's account will be credited for the full value of that item, including carriage. If the item is deemed not to be defective, a full explanation will be provided by Impex Furniture. Impex Furniture has the final say on whether an item is defective or not. The value of the credit issued to the Business Partner is at Impex Furniture’s discretion and each case will be considered on its own merit.

Taking into account the varying individual conditions to which the furniture could be subject once delivered, under no circumstances will we replace or refund items once 7 days has elapsed since delivery.


  1. Where an item has been returned using our 7 day return policy, a refund will be issued via a credit note to our customer’s account. Delivery charges incurred do not get credited.
  2. Impex Furniture reserves their right to decide whether a damaged or defective item is replaced or refunded. Where the refund option is selected, it will be issued via a Credit Note to our customer.


  1. All orders must be cancelled in writing via email. Please send cancellations to sales@impexfunriture.co.uk. Orders can only be cancelled prior to dispatch. Once the item has left the building the full delivery and return costs will be incurred.

Assembly and Care Terms and Conditions:- (Part of Returns, Damages, Defective Items, Refunds and Cancellations)

1. Before your furniture is delivered, please clear enough space for our Premier Delivery team to manoeuvre it safely into your room. (if 2 man delivery was selected, this applies to mostly large furniture items)
2. Check all the components/parts that they are in perfect condition before assembling, If in doubt please do not assemble the item and contact us as soon as possible and we will rectify the issue on priority basis.
3. Try to keep your furniture away from direct heat or air conditioning.
4. Light affects the colour of fabrics and leather; avoid overexposure to sunlight if you don’t want your furniture to fade.
5. Make sure all covers on loose cover suites are cleaned at the same time to prevent colour variations.
6. If your new sofa or chair has a recliner mechanism, always leave enough room for it to work. Don’t worry if it seems stiff at first, it will loosen over time.
7. If you have wooden floors, please use a protective felt on the feet (not supplied by us) of your furniture to prevent scratches.
8. Never drag or push the pieces across the floors/carpets as this will cause damage to the joints/legs and could result damaging wooden floors/carpets.
9. Leather / Faux Leather furniture may appear flat and creased when removed from packaging. Use the palms of your hands to smooth the cushions and leather; once air begins to circulate, they will fall into their original shape.
10. Open and close recliner / click clack mechanisms with care and never force them.
11. To keep leather sofas looking new, regularly wipe them with a slightly damp cotton cloth and a mild soap.
12. Try not to leave newspapers lying on your suite; ink can stain the cover.
13. Watch out for sharp objects like buckles, toys, and claws of pets as they can scuff and scratch the surface.
14. If you’ve got a light coloured suite, in particular pale leather, be aware that colour from denim jeans or non-colour-fast dark clothing can transfer to your furniture and cause discoloration.
15. Check all bolts, screws, legs and castors regularly to make sure they haven’t loosened.
16. If you have a bedstead with a mattress, use a mattress pad over the wooden slats to reduce wear on the mattress cover.
17. Plump your pillows regularly to keep them soft and comfortable.
18. Change your pillows every three years or so. When you do, you’ll notice the difference!
19. Storage drawers in divan beds are designed to carry lightweight items such as pillows, duvets, and linen. Try to avoid storing heavier items like books or toys. 
20. Make sure the air in your room is not too humid or too dry. Solid wood furniture’s joints can crack if the room temperature is too hot and can expand if it is too humid.
21. Carry stone or travertine table tops vertically, never horizontally to move them.
22. Use table mats on stone surfaces to protect the finish from hot plates and kitchenware.
23. Never put hot dishes or cups onto a table top or cabinet. 
24. Take care with sharp objects such as cutlery and pens and avoid dragging crockery across your table. 

Furniture, Designs and Characteristics
            By placing an order with us, you are acknowledging the following:

  1. That on occasion, we may alter the designs or sizes of pieces slightly. We cannot accept these as faults but you can return the item with all original carriage charges and collections costs being at the buyer’s expense. If the item is for a specific purpose please be sure to email ahead before ordering to check that there are no specific changes that could affect its material usage.
  2. The majority of our furniture is hand crafted, and as a consequence, all sizes are offered as a guide only. We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.
  3. It is virtually impossible to accurately portray the actual colour of natural wood products or upholstery fabric in a web picture, due to differing screen resolutions, and natural variations from batch to batch. With regards to our wood furniture, we endeavour  to give the best portrayal of colour, but we cannot accept colour or shade differences as evidence of defects. As a general rule, dark items look lighter in reality, and light items look darker in reality. A close match is more likely if two or more items are purchased at the same time because they will come from the same batch. In terms of upholstery fabric, we highly recommend that you contact us to obtain a sample prior to purchasing if an exact colour match is required. If you wish to return an item because of a shade difference or any other reason, we are willing to offer a refund as long as we are informed within 7 days. However, original carriage charges and collection costs will be at the customer’s expense, and the returned item must be resalable as 'brand new' as per the terms stated above in the section 'Returns'.